Homecoming Jazz Concert

Saturday, January 2nd, the incessant snow is unrelenting and we’ve been forced to cancel tonight’s concert. The weather may have won this battle, but we’re still fighting the war. The sky may dump load after load of snow today, but it can’t do that all week… at least we’re hoping. So with the intention of being even more incessant than this darn snow, we’re rescheduling the concert for next Saturday evening, January 9th at 7pm.

So for those of you getting snowed in this Saturday, enjoy the ensuing winter wonderland and mark your calendars for next Saturday when the NH All-star Quintet will triumphantly take the stage at the Derry Opera House. It’s really something special to be playing with New Hampshire musicians for a New Hampshire audience. These are the people I grew up with, they know where I’m coming from. We share a common background in our geographic region that we can all relate to. My hope is for this mood to be reflected in the concert. We’re playing an original of mine I wrote while in Londonderry which is meant to capture the ancient melancholic atmosphere of the town’s pine forests.

Also on the program is an arrangement of the traditional melody “Londonerry Air”. This setting finds the piece in a loping 5/4 meter meant to give the listener a mental picture of the rolling apple orchards so characteristic of this once rural New England town. This song was a staple in Londonderry High School’s marching band repertoire for the many St. Patrick’s Day parades we marched down Fifth Avenue in New York City. So in other words it has a certain nostalgia, memories of Spartan bus rides, hotel rooms in New Jersey, the perpetual defeat of the blue knight at Medieval Times; I hope some marching lancers read this so someone will know what I’m talking about. For those of you who are lost, I hope you can attend the concert so you might be able to hear in the music some of what I’m talking about.

So far the forecast for the 9th is sun, sun, and more sun! Have a great first week of 2010 and we’ll see you next Saturday!

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New York’s Jazz Clubs

New York is one of the world’s most vibrant cities and is arguably the best place in the world to experience America’s indigenous art form. Jazz may not have been born here, but in the twenty-first century New York is jazz’s new home. The venues here are second to none, so when we’re talking about New York’s Jazz Clubs, we’re talking about the creme de la creme. This past Saturday, August 22nd, I took to the stage of the Iridium Jazz Club with vocalist, composer, and pianist Matthew Bryan Feld. The Iridium, if you don’t know, is one flight down from the hustle and bustle of Broadway just north of Time Square at 50th St. This cozy basement club had been home to recently deceased guitar legend Les Paul for the past twelve years where he performed with his trio every Monday night. We had a great show playing for new and old faces alike, and to my surprise, veteran jazz vocalist Tierney Sutton performed the set before us. Tierney is one of my favorite singers on the jazz scene today, so it was a real treat to get to see her perform live (something I had yet to experience).

This coming Wednesday, August 26th, the Ben Geyer Sextet is gearing up to rock the house at The Kitano. We just finished a whirlwind tour of New England at the beginning of August playing in Vermont and New Hampshire and recording a full-length album that Ben is mixing in the studio as I type. To speak a little bit more about The Kitano, although I haven’t seen many shows at this swank Park Ave. hotel, the shows I have seen have been spectacular. The modern and somewhat esoteric tenor saxophonist Rich Perry and his quartet are a staple on the monthly calendar and the group has recorded multiple live albums at this venue that can be heard on the Steeplechase label under the branding “Live at the Kitano”. Not only is this venue intimate, but the furniture is very comfortable making for an all around gratifying listening experience.

I urge you, if you are in town, to check out our show this Wednesday, see the Calendar page for more details. I hope this posting finds you well and please visit again soon to check for more updates.

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Matthew Bryan Feld

The only thing better than playing great music is playing great music with great friends, and that’s exactly what I had the pleasure of doing Tuesday, April 21st at Cafe Vivaldi.  Matthew Bryan Feld, a multi-talented vocalist/pianist/composer, led our small band of melodic miscreants on twists and turns through repertoire ranging from John Mayer to Duke Ellington.  Matthew is one of my newest and closest friends, which seems to be a rare combination that has come so naturally to this South Beach native intent on conquering the Big Apple.  

Matthew’s effervescent personality is apparent wether entertaining a packed house at a west village haunt or hanging a few blocks away at the after party.  I very much look forward to having the opportunity to once more take to the stage with this young modern-day troubadour.  May 24th we’ll be at it again at the Rockwood Music Hall, so call up your friends and mark your calendars now, we’re sure to raise the roof!

AND – be on the lookout for video postings of our most recent gig on Facebook and YouTube.

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Playin’ with Ben

Thanks so much to everyone who came and saw the Ben Geyer Sextet last night at the Cutting Room. You made our New York debut a huge success! If you’d like to receive email updates about more of Ben’s shows (or my shows for that matter) just drop me an email at R.Tongue@gmail.com and we’ll add you to the mailing list.

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Robbyn on YouTube

Hey all, check out some cool videos from the Robbyn Tongue Bands live performances: 



No One Is Alone – Stephen Sondheim, arr. Robbyn Tongue:

Stay tuned for more coming soon!

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Website Launch!

After months of design and preparation, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to RobbynTongue.com! Now I have a dedicated website to let you all know about my various projects and upcoming performances. Please poke around a bit and check out the various pages and let me know what you think.

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